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Frequently Asked Questions

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Service Questions

How fast is Tooway? (+/-)

Can I install it myself? (+/-)

How much does it cost? (+/-)

Do I need a telephone line? (+/-)

Are there any minimum requirements for computers? (+/-)

Can I integrate Tooway into a network? (+/-)

Can I use a wireless home network with Tooway? (+/-)

Does Tooway offer triple-play services? (+/-)

Can I play games online with Tooway? (+/-)

Can I watch television with Tooway? (+/-)

What is Tooway? (+/-)

How do I know if Tooway is for me? (+/-)

What equipment do I need? (+/-)

Technical Questions

How long are the time delays with satellite data transmissions? (+/-)

What are the maximum uplink and downlink speeds? (+/-)

How stable is the Tooway service in bad weather? (+/-)

What frequency bands are used for Tooway? (+/-)

What is Ka-band and what are its advantages? (+/-)

Who handles the platform operations? (+/-)


Who's using Tooway?

Bear Grylls, adventurer, writer and star of Born Survivor and Man vs.Wild, has found the answer to all of his connectivity needs with satellite broadband.

Bear Grylls, adventurer, writer and star of "Born Survivor" and "Man vs.Wild", has found the answer to all of his connectivity needs with satellite broadband.


In true survivor style, Bear likes to relax in his holiday home, which is situated in one of the most remote paces in the UK (on his own island off the coast of Wales). However, topping the list of Bear's necessities was a broadband connection that would enable him to stay in touch with family and friends, as well as catch up with his favourite shows on Channel 4oD and BBC iPlayer.

With no fixed line broadband options available on the island, Bear looked further afield and found the answer to his problems with satellite broadband.

Satellite broadband is available across Europe and is used across the world to connect people in remote locations - from reporters in Afghanistan, emergency services in rural areas to enabling the military to communicate from some of the most hostile and complex environments on the planet. The technology is similar to Sky TV dishes, except instead of just receiving the signal, the signal goes "Two ways", so that a broadband connection can be enabled.



Find out more on our packages

Because your needs are unique, Tooway™ doesn’t just come as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ Internet broadband service. We believe in choice and in providing you with a tailored, appropriately priced solution for your broadband Internet access.

The Tooway™ service is available in four convenient packages according to how much data you need to download. Tooway™ services provide you up to 22 Mbps download and 6Mbps upload speeds.

Check out our Prices Page for more information here.

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